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Bespoke Solutions


We don't just stop at power supplies. If you have a custom electronics design requirement and need a quality solution by some of the best engineers in the UK, talk to us. CE marked as standard, all our work is ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant so you get safety, traceability and performance guaranteed.

    Cut Costs... by extending the life of currently installed systems you can minimise capital expenditure. We can design fully approved CE marked products which meet or exceed the specification of obsolete items in all areas.
    Be Assured... knowing that all our processes have been fully audited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.
    Relax... knowing that we have 40 years' experience in electronics design. As ex-Farnell design engineers, we are renowned for producing some of the highest quality products in the world. We know exactly what we are doing which means you get exactly what you need.
    Flexibility... because of the way we are structured we can deal with any volume from a one-off technical design to the manufacture of full production batches. There are no cost penalties for low volume with us.

Dependability... we have undertaken hundreds of design projects for all sizes of businesses from sole traders to big multi-nationals. Some of our current more well-known customers are:

EDF Energy
Thales Alenia
Rolls Royce
Global Marine
Alstom Power
BAE Systems
Selex SI
Babcock Defence

If they trust us to bring their projects in on time, on budget and exactly to specification, then so can you.

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Replacement for Tencor
52-0507 Power Supply.
Input: 120V AC
Output: 225W

Replacement for Weidmuller PS12/12 Power Supply.
Input: 115/230V AC
Output: 12V, 0.5A

Replacement for Unipower K series Power Supplies.
Input: 85-264V AC
Output: 1kW

Replacement for Gresham PT10C Power Supply.
Input: 230V AC
Output: +/-15VC, 0.5A

Replacement for Highland PSU92 Power Supply.
Input: 110V AC
Output: 230W

Replacement for Elba LC150 range Power Supplies.
Input: 20-30V DC
Output: 150W
Replacement for Power Products HE381E.
Input: 85-264V AC
Output: 5V, 5A
Replacement for Elba ESP Power Supply.
Input: 110V AC
Output: 27V, 28A
Replacement for Coutant 50/24/24 Power Supply.
Input: 110V AC
Output: Dual 24V, 0.5A

24V Power Distribution system.
Input: 230V AC
Output: 24V DC