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COB Range

Form, fit and function replacement for Advance Hiflex HI-750 / HI-1000 series.

  • 85V - 264VAC operation
  • Signals and sequencing as per original Hiflex
  • Stud output terminals for easy connection
  • Complete transparency to end user


The original Hiflex HI-750 and HI-1000 series were manufactured by Advance Power at their Bishop's Stortford site from the early eighties to the mid nineties. They were designed as a multi output AC-DC converter, constructed from a series of interconnected sub-assemblies - these being an RFI filter, Motherboard, Inverter board, Signals and Sequencing boards and auxiliary outputs. The original Hiflex was relatively unique in that it offered a variety of signals options including the ability to sequence the outputs up and down.

This product has been successfully trialled by both the US Navy and several airports worldwide and is accepted as a suitable replacement for HI-750 / HI-1000.

Models replaced:-

APS Model Number Replaces
System Number
Output 1 Output 2 Output 3 Output 4 Output 5 Output 6 Signals
COB0800W001 5085880 5V 35A 15V 14A 15V 14A 15V 14A 15V 14A 28V 6.7A HA1+3 (30mS)
COB0800W002 5085881 5V 35A 12V 17A 5V 35A 12V 17A 15V 14A 15V 14A HA1+2 (30mS)
COB0800W003 5085663
5V 90A . . 15V 14A 15V 14A 5V 35A HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W004 5085823 5V 60A . 5V 60A . +/-12V 4AD 5V 35A HA1 (10mS)
COB0800W005 05085837 05086804 5V 90A . . 12V 17A 12V 17A . None
COB0800W006 5085213 5V 60A . 15V 14A 15V 14A 28V 6.7A 5V 35A HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W007 5085804 5V 90A . . 12V 14A 12V 14A . TBA
COB0800W008 5085927 5V 60A . 5V 60A . 5V 35A . HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W009 5085115 5V 90A . . 12V 17A 12V 17A 5V 35A TBA
COB0800W010 5085728 5V 35A . 16-32V 20A . +/-15V 4AD 12V 17A HA100
COB0800W011 5085650 24V 8.5A 15V 14A 15V 14A . . . HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W013 05085062 05085661 5.05V 90AT . . 5.15V 35A 12V 17AT 12V 17AT HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W014 5085764 5V 60A . 2V 35A 15V 15A 15V 15A . HA1+3 (20mS)
COB0800W015 . 5V 90A . . 5V 35A 5V 35A . HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W016 5085920 20V 18A Parallel
with o/p1
26V 4A 28V 6.7A 20V 10.5A 25V 2A HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W017 5085503 5V 90AT . . 15V 14AT 15V 14AT 5.2V 35AT None
COB0800W018 5085736 5V 90A . . 5V 35A 12/15V 14A 12/15V 14A HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W019 . 5V 60A . 5V 60A . 5V 35A 15V 14A TBA
COB0800W020 5085993 5V 60A . 12V 5A 12V 6A 24V 5A . HA1+3 (20mS)
COB0800W021 5085996 28.3V 5A 28.3V 5A 28.3V 5A 28V 10A . 15V 5A HA1+3 (20mS)
COB0800W022 5085997 6.3V 6A 18V 5.8A 18V 5.8A 28V 10A . . HA1+3 (20mS)
COB0800W023 5085998 5V 40A 5V 7A 5.2V 35A 15V 5A 28V 5A . HA1+3 (20mS)
COB0800W024 5085813 5V 60A . 15V 14A 15V 14A 28V 6.7A 28V 6.7A HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W025 . 5V 90A . . 5V 35A 15V 14A 15V 14A HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W026 5086004 28V 21.4A . 5V 60A . +/-15V 4AD +/-12V 4.3AD None
COB0800W027 . 5.2V 30A 8V 10A 9V 10A 18V 11A . . HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W028 . 5V 90A . . +/-15V 4AD +/-15V 4AD 5V 35A HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W029 . 5V 60A . 18V 19A Parallel
with o/p3
24V 8.5A 24V 8.5A HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W030 . 5V 35A 5V 35A 5V 60A . 5V 35A . HA1 (20mS)
COB0800W031 . 5V 90A . . 5V 35A Parallel
with o/p4
. HA1 (20mS)

If your model is not listed, please contact us.

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