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Farnell / Advance PSU Replacements

Advance Product Services Ltd recognise the implications to end users of the obsolescence of many of the old Farnell and Advance power supplies and understand the need for approved replacement products which meet or exceed the specification of the original part, using modern components and manufacturing techniques.

As the original design engineers for many of the Farnell / Advance units, we have an unrivalled technical understanding of what is required. Importantly, we also have legitimate access to much of the original Farnell / Advance design documentation, including test procedures, schematics and parts lists.

To this end, we have defined a range of form, fit & function replacements utilising field proven designs with a purpose built signals package to meet or exceed the performance of the original power supply in all aspects – all to ISO9001 & ISO14001 standards.

All our power supplies are subjected to a full burn in and parametric test prior to leaving the factory to ensure 100% product compliance and are covered by a 2 year return to base warranty.

If you require a replacement product which is not listed, please click here.

COB Range
Advance Hiflex HI-750 / HI-1000 replacements
COB Range - Advance Hiflex HI750 and HI1000 replacement          

COB Range
Hiflex replacement

MAM Range
Farnell G Range and Advance MG / MMG replacements)
MAM0030 - 30W G / MMG replacement MAM0060 - 60W G / MG / MMG replacement MAM0120 - 120W G / MG replacement MAM0240 - 240W G / MG replacement MAM0360 - 360W G / MG replacement MAM0500 - 500W MG replacement
G / MMG 30W replacement
G / MG 60W replacement
G/MG 120W replacement
G / MG 240W replacement
G / MG 360W replacement
MG 500W replacement
MAM Range
Farnell GT Range and Advance MGT replacements)
MAM0150 - Farnell GT6-20A and Advance MGT5-20C replacements MAM0400 - Advance MGT400 replacements        
GT / MGT replacement
GT / MGT replacement
MAN Range
Farnell NS Range replacements
MAN0055 - NS055 replacement MAN0110 - NS110 replacement MAN0140 - NS140 replacement      
NS055 replacement
NS110 replacement
NS140 replacement
PIN Range
Advance PB350 range replacements
PIN0350 - Advance PB350 replacement          
PB350 replacement
POW1000 Range
Advance P1000 range relacements
POW1000 - Advance P1000 replacement          
P1000 replacement
PYT Range
Advance P350 / P500 range replacements
PYT0450 - Advance Powerflex P350 / P500 replacements          
  PYT Range
P350 / P500 replacement
CCR1500 Range
Farnell/Advance/APC F2705 / F2905 / 160 Series replacements
CCR1500 - F2705 / F2905 / 160 Series          
  CCR1500 Range
F2705 / F2905 replacement