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B+K Precision
BAE 1305
BAE H2K2 32v 4A
Barco R76-22935 Power Supply
Basler Electric
Bauart Gepruft LR55465
Bau-Seife HDM-007812094-02 Power Supply
BBC Goerz Metrawatt GTU0237F1U19E4M9K01A05T1H14Z9 Power Supply
Bear Power Supplies
Beel Technologies
Behlman Electronics
Bel Power Product Division
Belix 8700020701
Belix BL3390A
Belix BM9018
Belix BU3002A
Belix BU3004A
Belix BU3066C
Belix BU3093A
Belix SMS 5-40
Belix SMS15-16
Belix SP3004
Belix SP3016
Belix SP3030
Belix SP3031
Belix SP3032
Belix SP3032 
Belix SP3033
Belix SP3034
Belix SP3047
Belix SP3051
Belix SP3052
Belix SP3265
Belix SP3265 ISSUE C
Belix SP635
Belix SP635C
Belix SP636B
Belix SP636C
Belix SP637
Belix SP637C
Belix SP638
Belix SP639C
Belix SP640
Belix SP640C
Belix SP641B
Belix SP642
Belix SP661/SP662
Belix SP685
Bellus Power Supplies
Belmoor BM-512 Power Supply
Bentron Elektronik doz 98 012 Power Supply
Bentron Elektronik PED 21 004 Power Supply
Bertan 2907B Power Supply
Best Power
Best Power 610 UPS Series
Best Power QME500VA UPS
Bestec ATX100-5 5184-2191 Power Supply
Bestec ATX130N
Bestec ATX-250-12E Power Supply
Bestec BPS-1004-T
Bestec BPS-654CS-A
Beta Dyne
Be-Well T1BA01-0
Be-Well ZA1003
Be-Well ZA1010
BF Goodrich Aerospace
BICC-VERO 261-26281 Power Supply
Bicc-Vero Electronics PK 60 Power Supply
Bikor ACX635
Bikor Corp.
Bikor SB/CN/1A DC/DC
BiRa Systems
BK Precision
Block B 0109072 Power Supply
Blonder Tongue 805C Power Supply
Blu Tec Power BPA-450-3924A
Blu Tec Power BPA-490-5SY
Blum 580243 Power Supply
BluTek Power
Bodine Electric Co.
Boeing Defense and Space Group
Bombardier SMP 72/10 12/3 Power Supply
Bosch NT400
Boschert 70158
Boschert BVM 750D
Boschert OL 130 302 UR
Boschert Power Supplies
Boschert XL200
Boschert XL-200-3620R
Boschert XL50-4601C
Brandenburg 2481-201-01 Power Supply
Brandt Electronics
Brentford 160/54/28A
Brentford DC Rectifiers
Broadband TElcom Power
Brown Applied Technology PS 36A-B
Brown Engineering
BSR International
BT 7505
BT Netmux DGM FDM 18140
BTC Power
Bulgin 14464/000
Bulgin 14473/0
Bulgin 14508/0
Bulgin ESM 30 ST12/RS-591-764
Bulgin VM200-V146
Bulgin-Source 40-31-02 Power Supply
Bulgin-Source EXS20-01 Power Supply
Burle Industries
Bytech IPC080