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What we do

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Power Supply and rectifier Repairs

We are a little unusual in that the majority of our engineers come from a design background rather than a service background. This deep technical understanding means we can repair even the most complex of units, modify designs or suggest alternatives if required.

We give a full 12 months warranty on all our repairs so you can be assured our workmanship is top class – as you would expect from design engineers. If we fail to repair a faulty item, all you pay is the return carriage (if required).

Need your system back up and running asap? We offer an express repair service and can turn around products within a matter of hours on request.

We have standard repair charges for 90% of the products we deal with, so you know all the costs up front. For unusual items, we offer a free survey and written quotation prior to proceeding with any work. Experience. Trust. Expertise.

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All our customers benefit from....

12 month warranty on all repairs 48 hour turnaround on request No fix, no fee
Fixed repair cost for the majority of power supplies   Full PAT and flash test facilities  

Power Supply Refurbishment

For critical equipment, you may want to take a more pro-active approach to 'managing' failures and preventing costly down time. Our refurbishment service replaces ALL components prone to ageing irrespective of their condition - you get a fully refreshed product which should give many more years of trouble free service. Protect against failures before they occur.

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Farnell / Advance PSU New Replacements

We manufacture a range of products which faithfully replicate the ageing Farnell / Advance power supplies using modern components and manufacturing techniques. For the end user, this offers the hassle-free simplicity of a like for like swap with the original product.

Where we do not currently have a replacement product available, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to design and manufacture replacement units which meet or exceed the original specification in all areas. You get a fully approved unit which slots in as per the original item with the assurance of continuation of supply and product support for years to come.

As ex-Farnell design engineers, we have a portfolio of reliable designs which have been field proven over many years. We know exactly what we are doing which means you get exactly what you need. Right first time, every time…. and reliability guaranteed.

Also, because of the way we are structured we can deal with any volume from a one off to the manufacture of full production batches – all to ISO9001 & ISO14001 standards. There are no cost penalties for low volume with us.

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Custom Electronics Design Consultancy

We don't just stop at power supplies. If you have a custom electronics design requirement and need a quality solution by some of the best engineers in the UK, talk to us. CE marked as standard, all our work is ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant so you get safety, traceability and accountability guaranteed.

Our experience in field service means we know the vulnerabilities of poor design. You get products that are built to last. We call it "Design for Life", because with the right approach, great quality should not mean prohibitively expensive.

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MIG, TIG Inverter (high frequency) welder repair

At the heart of every inverter welder is a switch mode power supply (psu). While it might seem logical to have your welder serviced with a general welding repair house, only a switch mode psu repair specialist has the technical understanding to accurately identify and rectify faults on the power stage, which is by far the most common failure.

It's also critical to check any associated components that might have been stressed by the failure to prevent the welder from failing again soon after repair.

Being power supply specialists, APS give you a professional welder repair with a full 12 month warranty. Furthermore, because we don't sell welding equipment, our sole motivation is to repair your existing welder… not sell you a new one at four times the cost!

We can repair TIG, MIG and plasma cutters from all the mainstream manufacturers, including:

Alfra, Bosch, Britweld, Butters, Cea, Cebora, Eland, ERP, ESAB, Fronius, Hobart, Hypertherm, Inverter Fusion, Kemppi, Lincoln Electric, Lorch, Migatronic, Miller, Mosa, MTA, Murex, Newarc, Oerlikon, Oxford, Rotabroach, R-Tech, SAF, SDMO, Sealey, SIP, Stephill, Sureweld, SWP, TecArc, Tecna, Thermadyne, Thermal Arc, TPS Fronius, Warriror, Xcalibur

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Electronic Load Repair

We can repair electronic loads from all the mainstream manufacturers, including:

Aggreko, Amrel Power, Avtron, B&K Precision, Chroma, Crestchic, Elektro Automatik, Farnell, Fideris, Froment, GW Instek, Hocherl & Hackl, Hillstone, LDB (Load banks direct), Loadtec, Manatronics, Marel. NH Research (NHR), Prodigit, Rhode & Shwartz, SBS, Sephco, Sorenson, Thurlby Thandar (TTi)

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Product Qualification and Compliance Testing

If you need electrical pre-compliance testing, we have the facilities and equipment to carry out indicative tests at a fraction of the cost of a full test house.

Whether it be conductive or radiated EMC, safety clearances, temperature rise analysis, reliability & ALT testing, MTBF calculations or simply certifying a product against it's written specification – we can help ensure that your product goes to market fully compliant with all relevant standards.

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UPS Repair, Sales and Sourcing

Simply put, an uninterruptible power supply or UPS is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency backup power to a load when the input source (typically mains power) fails. Most models also provide protection from mains surges, spikes and voltage fluctuations.

For the uninitiated however, there is a bewildering array of UPS's to choose from. On-line, line-interactive and standby are the most common but it is also important is that the UPS is sized appropriately for the application, so the correct VA rating is essential.

As well as offering comprehensive UPS repair and maintenance services, APS have an unrivalled technical understanding of the different UPS technologies available and will make sure the correct one is specified for your application.

We are not partnered with any specific manufacturer so our recommendations are based on the best suited, most cost effective products which have field proven reliability. No bias, no commission. You get peace of mind that you have the right product from the right manufacturer and all the technical support you could ask for. Call us today and put us to the test!